360-degree video: Big wall climbing in Yosemite

This is a 360 video story I produced and edited for USA TODAY's virtual reality news show VRtually There. VRtaully there is a regular show that introduces viewers to fascinating people doing interesting things.

The piece was a big collaboration with outdoor sports photographer Dana Felthauser and his friends as they try to tackle the West Face of the Leaning Tower in Yosemite Valley. The big challenges to overcome were that I don't climb and Dana had never shot 360-video.

We met a day before the climb so I could teach Dana how to shoot 360 video, come up with a shot list, story line, and experiment with different ways to secure the cameras to the wall. We needed to make sure that the climbers could work around the gear and not get injured from falling cameras.

The next day they were off to tackle the mountain. 

Thankfully all of the cameras made it back in one piece. Dana did a great job or gathering all the needed shots and sound. I was able to build the piece later using Autopano giga and Mettle's Skybox plugin for After Effects.

We shot the piece using two iZugar Z2XC kits and a Zoom H4n.