360 Video: Find out what it's like to paraglide over Hawaii

Jorge Atramiz knows how to find Hawaii's best views, but to get there, you have to be willing to trust the wind.

I met Jorge for a 360 video story I produced and edited for USA TODAY's virtual reality show VRtually There, which introduces viewers to amazing people and places.

I wanted to do a VR story on Jorge where he explains what it feels like to fly for hours at a time powered by the wind. For him, paragliding it's more than a way to get around- it's a way to connect to the Hawaiian islands where he lives and to express himself through photography. Paragliding is a sport that requires being in the moment and understanding the invisible and constantly changing thermals. 

I met up with Jorge a day before our shoot to teach him how to shoot VR and to do an interview for sound. After that Jorge documented his own flights and sent me a bunch of footage that I stitched together and edited into a story.

Make sure to check out his photography from paragliding all over the world.