Video: Rigged

This is a motion graphics piece I produced for a USA Today investigation into the mistreatment of truck drivers at California ports

I could tell from my first conversation with USA Today reporter Brett Murphy that this was going to be an important story. Brett had spent a lot of time gathering documents and interviewing truck drivers about how many of them were being taken advantage of and forced into debt. The year long investigation found that port trucking companies were manipulating truckers into unfair lease-to-own deals and when they were found to be in the wrong some were using shell companies, legal loopholes and bankruptcy to dodge the punishment.

The big challenge for me was to find a way to tell this complicated story in a way that would hold a viewers attention on Facebook and other social media platforms. The story and interviews were solid but there was not a whole lot of visuals to work with. We decided to take a motion graphics approach which allowed us to bring in some strong visuals to help accentuate the audio track.