Blackbird: Shot on the Sony FS5 with one lens, one card, one battery and one actor.

A woman sets off into the snowy wilderness. Does she find what she's looking for or does she get more than she bargained for?

I recently started shooting the new Sony FS5 (PXW‑FS5). Mel and I decided we wanted to put it through the paces and see what we could accomplish with one lens, one card and one battery and the FS5. We set off to Flagstaff and wrote a story on the way up. It was a challenge. The snow was deeper than we thought it would be- we even got stuck at one point. I thought a snowy landscape might be an interesting environment to try out the Cine1 Picture Profile. 

The wonderful Melissa Farley helped produce this as well as act in it. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @melfarleyactor.

The music is the song Fire by Dom Marx of Bad America. He's a talented musician based out of Montreal, Canada. Check out his Soundcloud page at or follow Bad America on Facebook at